Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with Rodha! Dive into the action and challenge yourself with 60 mind-blowing, hand-crafted levels that will put your skills to the test. With 9 quirky characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities, you’ll never run out of ways to conquer the game.

But that’s not all! Immerse yourself in 11 different, soothing color themes that will transport you to a world of pure gaming bliss. As you journey through the game, be prepared to traverse through different portals that will take you to new and exciting realms.

Think you’ve got what it takes to outmaneuver the obstacles? Jump, dodge, and weave your way through a maze of challenges, all while collecting coins to unlock awesome upgrades that will give you the edge you need. Watch out for cannons, moving saws, and a whole array of tricky contraptions designed to keep you on your toes. And remember, every time you meet your end, you’ll be whisked back to the last checkpoint to give it another go.

Don’t miss out on the thrill and excitement of Rodha! Join the adventure today and show off your platforming skills to the world. #Rodha #Platformer

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