Are computer games a waste of valuable time?

Understanding the positive and negative aspects of gaming and how it affects your time management

When it comes to computer games, people tend to shed more light on their negative factors rather than the positive ones. Whilst enthusiastic gamers may argue that playing video games is good, some people still see it as an effortless way to waste their time and, in some cases, their money. This has eventually paved the way to the idea that gaming is a brainless and unproductive activity. But before we answer the question of whether computer games are actually a waste of valuable time or not, let us take a look at what gaming is all about, along with the benefits.

Future events marker for video games

Future events marker for video games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You and I are gamers

At some point in your life, you may have played a computer game or maybe many different ones. Basically, there are different needs that computer gaming can fulfil in the gamer especially when it comes to the basic psychological aspects. Games that require them to win a prize at the end allow the gamer to experience self-fulfilment over achieving something. And multiplayer games allow them to bond or socialize with fellow gamers. The development or improvement of psychomotor skills are also being assisted by video games like hand-to-eye coordination, improving the way you are able to spot things in front of you, spatial discrimination, and your peripheral vision.

More reasons for playing games

There are also gamers who play for the sake of relieving stress or boredom. A lot of schools are also beginning to introduce the concept of interactive and virtual learning in their classrooms with the use of educational computer games to aid in the students’ learning experience. In fact, there has been a report that students are able to improve their spelling and reading abilities, develop critical thinking methods, and learn multi-tasking with the help of video games. Video games are also able to assist in developing social skills and individual characteristics like self-concept, self-esteem, individual differences, and goal-setting. They can also serve as an outlet for anger or aggression.

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Italian console “Video Games” produced by Polistil, 1978 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The bad side of video games

But as the saying goes, “anything in excess is bad”. The same rule applies to video gaming as well and this is where the activity becomes meaningless and a waste of precious time. Without proper discretion on the gamer’s side, he or she can easily become addicted to the excitement and fun that video games can provide for him. He may start isolating himself in his room and refuse to do other things aside from playing his favorite video games. The gamer may also rely on video games to pass the time instead of doing something else like going outside and hanging out with friends or reading a good book – all vital activities for well-rounded individuals to be involved with. However, when he gets addicted to gaming, he may find himself relying on playing to relax and if he could not get his fix from his favorite video game, he may become irritable and more susceptible to boredom.

Yes or no?

You may still have a mental debate on whether video games are waste of time or not. However, the important thing here is to understand that video games have both good and a bad aspects to them and that focusing more on the positive aspects can help make gaming more valuable and useful instead of serving as a bad way to pass the time. Gamesy allows you to find out more about the latest video gaming news and information so that you can be more discriminating in your choices.