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Please post your unique articles here by guest blogging on this site. Few technologies have grown faster recently than the games industry. And with the trend to use gamification in traditional businesses, the value of play is becoming more and more evident. We believe that games, once no more than a social activity to wile away a few hours with friends and family, are now a new frontier of what it is to be human in the 21st Century!

These articles are a good way for developers and suppliers – who have to be at the cutting edge of technology and ideas – to communicate their ideas with the community of loyal players? And how do participators have their say and help to shape the industry? One way is to post your thoughts here.

This site provides a framework for ideas and discussion. Successful developers are always looking for new ways to engage with potential or existing players. Those searching on particular categories can be drawn into the debate as a result of the articles on this site.
For producers and suppliers, the structure of this site enables you to allocate your game to a precise category. This makes it likely that someone searching for a particular genre of game can link through to your web site from this site. As a result, accurate links will point back to your domain from your article on this site and searches on that type of game will be more likely to end up on your site with the result that your reputation improves, without the need for advertising costs.

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